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Types of Hairs & Best Ways to Apply Hair Oil to Prevent Massive Hair Loss

Your Hair also needs Nutrients like your Body. Without Proper Nutrition and Hair Care, Your Hair will Never be Hard & Healthy. And for this, Applying a Good Hair Oil is Very Important.

Today, Many of us just Avoid Applying any Kind of Hair Oils because of Latest Fashion and all. Am I Right? One of the Reason is also it’s a kind of Annoying to Go Somewhere, Visit a Mall or Meet with your Friends with Oily Hair. But Still, We can do it at the Weekends. Doesn’t it?

The Benefits of applying hair oil is a Lot. Herbal Hair Oils such as Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, etc Provides Nutrients Naturally in your Hair and in the Scalp.

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Effectiveness of Hair Oil

But the Question is, How Many times in a Day you can apply hair oil? As Can be Seen a Lot of Extra Oil Cause your Hair and Scalp More Oily. In addition to it, dirt and A Oily Hair Becomes more Dirty & Tend to get a Lot of Dandruff.

So Let’s See According to the Types of Hairs & Understand How Many Times to use Hair Oil in which Type of Hair.

Types of Hair & How many Times you need to Apply Hair Oil :

For Dry Hair :

A Good Hair Oil Should be Applied in Dry Hair on a Regular Basis. If it is not possible, you have to apply it for at least two or three times a week. To Get the Maximum Benefit, You can Warm it up lightly Specially the Castor Oil or the Coconut Oil. It will help to reach the nutrition of the hair oil at the base of your hair.

For Oily Hair :

Such Hair Become More Oily & More Sticky if you try to Apply Hair Oil Regularly. So it can be Suggested to Apply Hair Oil Only Once a Week & Wash it Completely with the Help of a Shampoo. It should be Better to Avoid Castro Oil or Olive Oil.

For Normal Hair :

Since a Normal Hair has Less Problems than Dry Hair & Oily Hair, So there’s no no need to be Stick with a Particular Routine to Apply Hair Oil Regularly. Coconut oil and olive oil is quite beneficial for this type of hair. You can apply hair oil at least twice a week.

What Ways do you Use to Apply Hair Oil?

Keep Hair Oil Through-out the Night :

If you have a Massive Hair Fall Problem, For Best Results, Apply Hair Oil before going to bed. Then wrap your head with a towel or thin cloth & Keep it over-night. Get a Deep Sleep at Night. Do a Proper Shampoo when you Wake Up in the Morning.

You can Massage Lightly Warm Oil :

Heat the Oil Lightly and Gently Take the Necessary Oil to Massage your Hair and Head. This Manner of Hair Treatment is Proved to be Very Useful Since Decades of Human History.

Don’t Rub your Hair too Hard :

If you Anxiously Rub your Hair that may cause the root of the Hair very Thin results a Massive Hair loss.

Using the finger head slowly massage the oil on the roots of your Hair for atleast 15-20 minutes. Don’t Keep the Oil in your Hair for More than 24 Hours. Keeping these suggestions in your Mind and Oil your hair daily. You’ll Notice that your hair will be strong and are naturally sparkling.

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