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How to Get More Fair, Soft & Glowy Skin using this Simple Method

Get More Fair, Soft & Glowy Skin with this Simple Method

Anyone Out there who don’t want Soft & More Glowing Fair Skin? If you want to Get Fair & Soft Skin, You need to Maintain a Routine Every Single Morning without Missing a Single Day. You can Notice the Difference in just 7 Days, the Skin will become More Bright and More Glowy. Following this Technic for 1 Month in a Row & Your Skin will Become Very Bright and Lighter in Color.

Drink a Glass of Warm Water on an Empty Stomach after Waking Up in the Morning. If You Want You can also Mix Pure Honey with the Water & then Drink it. A Glass of Warm Water is Not Only Refresh your Skin But also do Prepare your Body, the rest of your Body for the Next Makeup.

  • Take the heat. Keep a Pot of Hot Water and Take the Steam for a Few Minutes and Apply it to your Face. Do not Tinker too much from the Steam. Take Care that too much Heat is not Good. Now Clean your Face with Soft Cotton after taking Steam Completed.
  • Now You Need to Apply a Special Face-Mask into your Face. To Prepare the Face-Mask, Take a Tomato. Cut from the Middle & Take Out Pulp inside. Take Half a Teaspoon of Lemon Juice, 1 Tablespoon of Milk, a Little Honey & Mix Them Together. If Possible, Mix 1 Tablespoon of cucumber Juice. Lemon and Tomato will Act as a Natural Bleach, Milk will Bring Moisture, Honey Attack the Bacteria & Cucumber will Reduce the Excess Oil from the Skin.
  • Now Apply the Solution Gently to your Face & Neck & Hand & Other Places. Keep it for  20 to 30 Minutes as it is. And Now Wash it with Cold Water. Clean your Face with a Towel & Apply Some Moisturizer. If you need to Go Outside, Don’t Forget to Apply Sunscreen.
  • Drinking a Regular Glass of Carrot Juice Every Morning will Greatly Help you to Lighten the Skin Color.
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