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How to Do Hair Spa at Home in 5 Simple Steps [Very Effective]

How to Do Hair Spa at Home:

Hair Spa for Hair Care has Become so Popular Nowadays. Many of us used to go to the Hair Parlor to do a Hair Spa. However, Due to Shortage of Time, Sometimes it’s became very Tough to go to a Parlor. But If you want you can do a Hair Spa at Our Own Home. So without Wasting Much Time,  Let’s Know How to Do Hair Spa at Home in 5 Simple Steps.

But Before Going in to Further Detail, I’ve also Wrote 5 Simple Tips on Winter Hair Care in my Website. You Should Read that Article before this.

How to do Hair Spa at Home

How to do Hair Spa at Home

How to do Hair Spa at Home?

1. To Get Started on How to Do Hair Spa at Home, Firstly You Should Massage your Hair with a Good Natural Oil. Actually The First Step of a Good & Effective Hair Spa is to Use & Massage a Good Hair-Oil in your Head & Scalp. For this I’ll Recommend you to use Coconut Oil, Olive Oil or Almond Oil. If you want you can Warm the Oil. After that Massage your Hair with the Hair Oil for 15-20 Minutes.

2. The Next Thing to blow Off Steam to your Hair. Make it Light to Lighter. Take a Cup of Warm Water. Take a Towel Drowned in it & Squeezed the Excess Water. Put Towel Around the Head & Keep it for 15-20 Minutes.

3. After The Hot Vapor, it’s time to do a Proper Shampoo According to Hair Type.

4. Don’t Forget to use Conditioner after Shampooing. There are Variety of Hair Conditioner is Available in Market. If you want to Use a Natural Conditioner, you can use the Tea and Lemon Juice. For that, You Need to Boil the Tea Leaves in Hot Water, then Keep it for Cooling a little bit and Finally Strain it. Then Mix in the Lemon Juice. Now it can be used as a Natural Conditioner.

5. So We are finally in the 5th & the Last Step of Hair Spa. And actually Hair Mask is the Last Step to Complete this Natural Hair Spa to Make it Effective. Various Hair Mask Brands are being Available in the Market. You can buy one of them. However, You can also make your Natural Hair Mask. Mix Two Egg with Little Coconut Oil to Create a Paste. Apply this Mask on the Hair. Keep it for 20 Minutes then do a proper Shampoo to Clean it.

So, These are the Very Simple yet very Effective Tips on How to Do Hair Spa at Home. These are really helpful in your daily life, and they’ll also keep you very happy as the Line Suggest “Be Beautiful to Feel Beautiful

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