Five Important Things You Should Not Do If You Are A Victim Of Loss In Hair

Male Pattern Baldness

If you are suffering from Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), you can rest assured you have company. This is a very common type of hair loss in men and something like 1 in 3 men over 35 years of age will get it. MPB comes with a receding hairline at the front and accompanied with thinning at the top, which make one look like an “American Bald Eagle”.

Obviously, Male Pattern Baldness does not look good on you. So what can he do to look good again? But that’s a million dollar question and it seems almost impossible to answer for anyone.

But there is hope – you may want to go for hair loss treatments that naturally regrows your hair although this may take some time. Try to avoid surgery because it is harsh and comes with many side effects. Likewise with prescription hair loss products. Although these may be effective, their negative side effects have scared away many men like you.

Side effects may include impotence and erectile dysfunction. Are you willing to pay this price in order to have more hair when you can use herbal treatments that are just as effective. Check out Profollica benefits for a highly recommended herbal solution that does the job without damaging your libido.

Meanwhile, what can you do to Look Better with your Present Predicament?

Here Are 5 Things you Should Avoid in MPB:

  1. Avoid combing your hair straight back because this will expose the forehead even more. Although you may cover some bald spots, you will attract more attention to the receding hairline which always make you look older.
  2. You have to avoid using a Hair Gel on your Hair because Gel will clump your hair together and then it will reveal the scalp even more. More exposed scalp makes you look even “balder”, for a lack of a better word.
  3. Avoid growing your hair longer at the back in an attempt to make up for what’s missing on top. This strategy messes up your hairstyle and gives it an unbalanced look. Worse still, it draws even more attention to the scalp and the baldness.
  4. Avoid the “comb over” or “cover up”. This is the typical look of men with MPB. Hair is grown longer on one side of the head and combed over the bald area to cover up the open spaces. Unfortunately, this style is vulnerable to even the slightest breeze can be plain ugly.
  5. Avoid growing your hair too long in an attempt to cover up. Why? Because it actually causes our hair to separate from each other and show more scalp area in your head. In addition, the longer hair actually breaks easily because of more weight. You don’t want to lose more hair!

Male Pattern Baldness Different Stages

Here are the Things you Should Follow:

  1. Grow your remaining hair by a few inches and get a good hairdresser to layer your precious hair. You may want to brush your hair forward to break up the receding hairline for a fuller look.
  2. Use mousses and conditioners in order to get more natural looking, fluffy hair. This will give your hair more “body” and a fuller look.
  3. Now this may seems drastic but the ultimate balding men’s hairstyle is to shave it all off, ie, go completely bald, or at least a very close trim. The shaved look is “in”. So don’t be surprised if people start giving you compliments on how good you look!

Finally, whatever it is you choose to do, be happy. Cheerfulness can light up anyone’s face. A happy bald man definitely looks better than a grouchy one! Have fun.

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