The Best Sore Throat Remedies : Finding Out the Solution for Cure

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When your throat feels raw, all you want to do is find the best sore throat remedy or swollen uvula remedy. There are many from which to choose over the counter medications and home remedies. Since not all sore throats are caused from the same thing, some remedies are useless. Since we don’t know what is causing the discomfort, the best we can do is treat it symptomatically.

It may be trial and error, but with a little experimentation, you can find something that will sooth that sore throat.

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Best Sore Throat Remedies – Over the Counter

Many people head to the pharmacy or store to find the best swollen uvula remedies or sore throat remedies. Most of the products you find at the store will be lozenges which are meant to soothe that raw feeling.

They coat the throat to provide temporary relief from a sore throat. Whether these are actually the best throat remedies depend on what is causing the soreness to begin with. Naturally, if the problem is something such as Strep Throat, an antibiotic will be needed to cure the problem, but the lozenges may still help temporarily.

Home Remedies

Some of the best relief one can get from a sore throat is made right at home. Many people believe that tea with honey and lemon is one of the top remedies available. The honey and lemon can help to coat the lining of the throat, and the heat from the tea seems to help as well.

There are also herbal teas available which are said to calm a sore throat. Aside from the tea, sucking on a hard candy can sometimes help as well. Anything that coats the throat and keeps it from getting dry is going to help a great deal. Tea is also a good swollen uvula remedy because of the heat. Normally, a swollen uvula means tonsillitis, which will require a trip to the doctor regardless of what you try.

People have suffered with sore throats for ages. There are many different types of things to try, and many people will swear they have the remedies. Most suggestions people give are at least worth a try, and won’t hurt. Remember, however, that if the pain remains for more than a couple of days, a trip to see the doctor will be the best tip you can get.

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