100% Real Case Study: Avoid Hair Fall within 6 Months at the Age of 20

Hello Guys, Before you go through this Post, I Would like to Check Out these Pictures First to know How Effective the Below Post will be for you. But yes, It will only work if you also Implement all things Properly.

So, Here are Some Pics of me Before and After the Oil. Results after 3 and 6 Months of use:

Case Study of How to Stop Hair Fall and Grow New Hair Naturally

Case Study of How to Stop Hair Fall and Grow New Hair Naturally

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Case Study of How to Stop Hair Fall and Grow New Hair Naturally

I am sure you would have read everything from diet control to Shampoos and stress management as you have found on many other Internet Posts.

So, let me try and suggest something different which might help you not only reduce hair fall but grow hair and also avoid male patterns baldness in the long run.

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Basically, Follow the 3 things below and you will see a Dramatic Change in the Months to Come.

1 – DIET: Apart from eating right (avoiding junk), add Raw pumpkin seeds to your diet, eat a hand full everyday. Pumpkin seeds not only rich is protein but also in essential minerals such as Zinc. It also blocks the production of DHT which is responsible male pattern baldness.

2 – SHAMPOO: The lesser the better, try not to shampoo more than 2 times a week and see if you can even reduce that (unless you are oiling your scalp and hair.) Check if the water you are washing your hair with is hard.. if so, try using mineral water or R/O water. Use organic shampoos which are SLS and Paraben Free. Do not use anti dandruff shampoo on a regular basis, this can damage your scalp skin.

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3. HAIR OIL: I did not realize the power of hair oils until I started having hair fall and my hair became thin and I started seeing my scalp (this was horrifying), that’s when I started my Research on Hair Oil and Figured out that 1 oil Alone Cannot Give all the Nutrients which are needed for Hair. Therefore I Mixed a few Sweet Almond Oil + Jojoba oil + Coconut oil + Castor oil + Vitamin E etc. You can Check this Post to Find the Magic Formula to Make this Hair Oil. So, Once I started using the oil, within a month my hair fall was under control and after a few months of use, i saw hair regrowth as well.

How to Reduce Hair Fall and Increase Hair Growth:

Most people when they apply hair oil, they just apply on their hair… You need to apply the oil to your scalp and then massage it gently, this will get the blood flow going and the oil will seep into the roots which will do a lot of good. Make sure, when you massage on a clean scalp, massaging oil on a scalp which has dust and dirt, scratches the scalp and might damage it.

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You can Read my Article if you want to know How to Make this Hair Oil: How I Made the Best Hair Oil and How you can Make it too. (Giving out my Secret!)

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